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Group Dating Events

What Is A Group Dating Event?

The concept of group dating event has been around for centuries. In some cultures, they call it blind dating event where two pairs of singles meet.

Similar to a dinner date event, a group date is great opportunity for a group of singles to meet online and share their interest. It removes the pressure of 1-to-1 dating while allowing only real (not fake or bot) users and serious singles to meet. After an online meeting, attendants can run a 1-to-1 match up with people they meet.

How a Group Date Works?

Here are 5 easily steps for requesting a group date event:

  • Signup or Login to our site and setup your personal profile. We strongly recommend you upload your recent picture and add your basic info by going to Profile page.
  • Add some credits to your account by going to our Buy Credit page.
  • Request an online group date by going to our Join Dating Events page. You just need to pick a date, time, group size, and location for your group date!
  • You will get an email 2 or 3 days before your group date with the meeting platform name, meeting link, and your host name. You can also get info on your coming dating events by going to our Matches page.
  • Day after your group date event, submit your request for one-to-one matching with people you meet by going to our Matches page.

Group Dating Event Rules

While you are attending our online group dating events, you must follow and obey the following rules. Any violation of these rules may result in temporary suspension or removal of your user account.

  1. To join an online meeting, you must have a reliable internet connection, a quiet place, good headphones and a webcam.

  2. All participants must show their face while they are in a meeting; unless specifically permitted otherwise by the event host.

  3. Only the person who has made an event reservation must attend the event. No additional persons like family members or friends are allowed in your meeting.

  4. You must follow a normal and decent dress code while attending our online events. No obscene dress is accepted.

  5. You must attend all online events on-time. Also, you should attend your events with high priority, so if you miss two events, you will get temporary suspension notice. If you miss 3 events, your user account may be removed from our system.

  6. We do not offer any recording or make-up sessions, so make sure to add our event in your personal calendar. Also, pay attention to the timezone mentioned in your event page.

  7. Our online meeting and dating events are meant for singles seeking a soulmate or partner. As such, no solicitation or sale pitch allowed while attending our events.

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